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Monday, 29 January 2018

Panorama Semi Finals 2018 - RESULTS

The following list is the results with the tune of choice and points accumulated by each band that performed at the 2018 Panorama (Steelband) Semi Finals in Trinidad & Tobago on 28th JAN.

The first 10 bands with the highest scores will compete for the title of Panorama champions 2018 at the finals on 10th FEB at the Queens Park Savannah, Trinidad & Tobago.

In the MEDIUM BAND category the semi final results are as follows:

  • 279 - Pan Elders : Limbo Break  sung by Brigo (pan arranger Duvone Stewart)
  • 271 – Bucooneers:   I Love Being Me  (pan arranger Seion Gomez)
  • 267 – Deltones : Leave Me Alone  (pan arranger Carlton Zander Alexander)
  • 266 – Scherzando :   Buss Head  (pan arranger Yohann Popplewell)
  • 265 - Laventille Sound Specialists : Swing (TIE)  (pan arranger Akiba Panman Joseph)
  • 265 - Katzenjammers :  Lorraine (TIE)  (pan arranger Terrance BJ Marcelle)
  • 261 – Cordettes : Meet Super Blue  (pan arranger Ken Professor Philmore)
  • 260 - Valley Harps: Sweet Soca Man  (pan arranger Michelle Huggins Watts)
  • 259 - Arima Angel Harps: Pan in A Minor (TIE)  (pan arranger Aviel Scantlebury)
  • 259 - Potential Symphony:  Government Boots  (TIE)   (pan arranger Akua Leith)
  • 258 - Carib Dixieland:  Big Girl Now  (pan arranger Kenneth Panam Clarke)
  • 257 – Joylanders:   Nah  Do that   (pan arranger Stefon West)
  • 256 – Pamberi:  Firery  (pan arranger Andre White)
  • 253.5 - Power Stars : Stranger  (pan arranger Aaron Clarke)

In the LARGE BAND category the semi final results are as follows:
  • 282 – BPTT RENEGADES :  Year for Love sung by Voice  (pan arranger Duvone Stewart)
  • 278 - DESPERADOES : Year for Love sung by Voice  (pan arranger Carlton Zander Alexander)
  • 274 - PHASE II:  Hello sung by Kes  (pan arranger Len Boogsie Sharpe)
  • 272 -  Massy Trinidad ALL STARS :   Lightening Flash (TIE) sung by Ultimate Rejects (pan arranger Leon Smooth Edwards)
  • 272 - SKIFFLE: Hello   (TIE) sung by Kess (pan arranger Marc Brooks, Odie Franklin & Kendall Williams)
  • 270 - F.C SUPERNOVAS: Sweet for Days -  sung by Patrice Roberts (pan arranger Amrit Samaroo)
  • 269 - Nutrien SILVER STARS:  Lightening Flash sung by Ultimate Rejects  (pan arranger Dr. Liam Teague)
  • 268 - Republic Bank EXODUS:  Sweet for Days   sung by Patrice Roberts  (pan arranger Phelam Goddard & Terrance BJ Marcelle)
  • 267 - Shell INVADERS:  Hello sung by Kes (pan arranger Ardinn Herbert)
  • 263 - STARLIFT:  Full of Vibes sung by Marge Blackman & Voice (pan arranger Robert Greenidge)
  • 262 - T&TEC TROPICAL ANGEL HARPS:  Sweet for Days   sung by Patrice Roberts  (pan arranger Clarence Morris)
  • 261 – NLCB FONCLAIRE:   Inside the Festival  sung by Ultimate Rejects  (pan arranger Leon Foster Thomas)
  • 259 - RBC REDEMPTION SOUND SETTERS:  Long Time   sung by Arrow  (pan arranger Michael Tobay)
  • 253 – NGC NIGHTINGALE :  Inside the Festival  sung by Ultimate Rejects  (pan arranger Richard Gittens)


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