Sunday, 13 May 2018

J'ouvert in Atlantic City, New Jersey 2018

SPECIAL MOTHER'S DAY PRICE - available for 2 days only


Come have an enjoyable experience with us for Atlantic City Caribbean Carnival

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yes we are ALL INCLUSIVE

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Wotless Wednesday - Interview Special

Tune in tonight to WOTLESS WEDNESDAY
as we interview our special guest CHARLI GRIFFITH

Send you greetings / shout outs and hear all about her upcoming show and new music.

Feel free to submit your questions before hand to Charli via our email or in the chat room -




8pm - 10pm (EST)

Monday, 9 April 2018

New Music Spotlight - Submit your music

Our New Music Spotlight show is on air Mondays, 7pm - 9pm (EST), with 'new music' being featured between 7pm - 8:30pm (EST).  The final half hour is a Dj burn out between the two hosts - DJ SCAMPI and DJ PINK ASSASSIN.

This show is geared towards giving airplay to newly released tunes in the genres listed and providing an opportunity to upcoming artistes in particular to have their music reach a wide audience.

The 2 hour show is an interactive one, with our listeners, via our FB 'live' and our Chat Room here on the site, giving their feedback on the music played during the show, indicating why they may like it or not like it.

Artistes submitting new music also have the opportunity to be interviewed during the show.

Please submit the following to for consideration:

  • Your Bio
  • Your music tracks- which must be radio edited (not raw/explicit - any explicit tracks received will not be played)

*Please do not submit any tracks or information via our social media
*Be advised that interviews are to be booked in advance
*Your submitted music will not 'automatically be played - there is a vetting process before we put any material on air

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Nailah Blackman Show - Philly, USA

There was a lot of activity happening for the Red Apple Radio Station team this weekend.

Whilst part of the crew were in London, England taking in the launch of Funatik Mas, the rest of us, still U.S.A, headed down to Philly to attend and of course DJ at the much awaited Nailah Blackman show.

This event was hosted by the Flambo Caribbean Restaurant

Red Apple Radio station carried the event live via our FB page and also managed to grab a few photo ops and video clip of the show.

Holding it down for the Red Apple Radio Station DJ squad on the night were:

DJ Pink Assassin (you can tune in to her on Mondays 7pm - 9pm EST and Saturdays 9am -11am EST)

DJ Shakeelo (tune in to his Wheel Up Saturdays show 1pm - 3pm EST)


DJ SCAMPI (listen to his shows Mondays, along side DJ Pink Assassin 7pm-9pm EST, Wednesdays 8pm - 10pm EST and Saturdays 11am - 1pm EST)

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Funatik Mas unveils costumes for 2018 - LONDON, UK

On Saturday 24th March, over in the U.K, the London based mas band, Funatik Mas, showcased  costumes for their presentation entitled 'In My Dreams'  in preparation for the Notting Hill Carnival celebrations which is set to take place on 27th August 2018.

The event took place at The Haringey Irish Centre and was well attended.
A few of our Red Apple Radio team members attended the event.  As our team mingled with the crowd and in the backstage area of the event, the vibe was upbeat and many of the persons attending had high praise for this band, their customer service and the after care - that the customer service did not end at collecting payment or even at costume collection, but also how they attend to the needs of their masqueraders on the road during the carnival.

The members of the Funatik team were easy to identify as they all wore 'team t-shirts' emblazoned with the name of the portrayal and of course the band logo -(as seen worn by Chef Kerryn), some of them wore custom made Funatik Mas hoodies with what we believed were their nicknames to the back under the logo - it was hard to get them to pose for photos though as they were all attending to their various duties - backstage, media, registrations, bar, food service, and more.

The highlights for us from this event:

  • The lovely costumes (check out the section called Paradise-the orange, yellow, green one, an absolutely vibrant, costume and the back piece of the front line is light, easy to carry and stunning - yes we tried it on)

  • The overall welcoming feeling of the band's team members and even the models - who were also very knowledgeable about the costumes.

  • The food, OMG, the food, a Caribbean menu, which the chef assured us is similar to what is served on the road for lunch and at any of the events Funatik Mas host throughout the up coming London Carnival season and one lady standing in the line waiting to be served assured it that 'it tasty and piping hot on de road, we doh (don't) get cold, tasteless food on the road'

  • On chatting with the band rep who was responsible for registrations, we found out that yes there are options for each preference and size range - from more modest whole suits to thongs if that's your wish and they offer corset options too.

  • The AFTER PARTY - oh yes, there was an after party, jam session which was held at a night club in the city - the Funatik Djs shelled down session after session - big up to Lex Lion - the ole skool session was lit and then straight into the latest soca, vibes with some afro beats and dancehall in the mix,  we truly got a taste of how this band pumps on the road for the Carnival.

Thank you to FUNATIK MAS for inviting Red Apple Radio Station to be part of your event.

Here are a few captured moments from the event.






For information on how you can be part of the Funatk Mas band in London, UK: